I have had this blog for almost 4 months so I figure it’s about time to share some random bits of information with all of you. Now these are all things that I wouldn’t randomly… View Post

I got my new laptop yesterday and it is so pretty! I was super excited to write my blog post for today and then I realised that I had absolutely no inspiration. At all. I mean… View Post

Today I spoke to my Grade 2’s about Christmas and about how Christmas isn’t about what you get but more about what you give. I spoke to them about how some people don’t have much… View Post

On social media for the past few days there has been so much negativity and hate that I thought for today’s post I would spread some love. These are some bloggers that I have been… View Post

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that I really love online shopping… a lot! Last week I ordered from Takealot and I’m so excited to show you… View Post