2017 Blog Roundup and 2018 Blog Goals

I used to do a monthly blog roundup where, at the end of every month I would write about my goals for the following month as well as if I had reached the ones I had set. I stopped doing that because I honestly felt as though I was blogging for the goals and that is not what I wanted. However seeing as it is the end of the year I feel like I should look at my goals and see if I achieved them.


2017 goal: 50 subscribers

Achieved? lol no. I do actually have a few though which is something I am happy about.

2018 goal: I would love to ACTUALLY reach 50 email subscribers this year. You can help with that if you want to – there is a box to the right of this post 😉


2017 goal: 100 followers

Achieved? Yes! I reached 160 followers which is great!

2018 goal: To be honest I am not too fussed about this one – I would prefer that people subscribe to my blog but I don’t mind! If you want to follow me though you can follow me here.


2017 goal: 300 likes

Achieved: I did not reach this sadly but I did get quite a few new likes!

2018 goal: I would still like to reach 300 likes and you can help me out here if you want to😉


2017 goal: Personal account – 600

                      Blog Account – 1500

Achieved? Yes and No! I am currently sitting on 610 on my personal account and 1152 on my blog account. Thank you to instagram for messing with the algorithm so much and messing up engagement.

2018 goal: Personal Account – 650

                      Blog Account – 1500 (my goal still stays the same)


2017 goal: 100

Achieved? At the time of writing this I have 96 followers! Anyone else struggle to gain on Pinterest?

2018 Goal: I am going to set my sights very high and go for 150!


2017 goal: 4000

Achieved? Nope! I am STILL stuck at under 4000. On 3872 to be exact. No matter how many followers I gain I seem to be losing them just as quickly.

2018: I would love to reach 4000 followers! Please help me out here!

So, as you can see, I achieved some of my goals and didn’t achieve others. In 2018 I plan on working even harder. I want to work on my blogging, scheduling, and photography.

Do you have any blog or personal goals? Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself in 2017 (if any)? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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