When you’re going away for a weekend you cannot take your entire makeup collection. This makes it a little bit more difficult when packing. This is what happened to me when I realised that I… View Post

I am leaving for Cape Town today for a long weekend getaway. As usual, I am probably going to have way too much stuff and I’ll end up packing half of my life into my… View Post

I have been home for an hour already and none of the work that I had to do this afternoon is complete. See, I’m a teacher and it is report time. This means long hours… View Post

So, in case you haven’t read about what I got for my birthday, one of my gifts was Eat Smart by Niomi Smart. This made me so excited because I have been wanting this book… View Post

With Autumn fast approaching, thank goodness, I decided to write a post about why I prefer the colder weather. If you’re from somewhere where sun is a rarity then you might not understand this so… View Post