So today is my last day of holidays. I go back to work tomorrow after a lovely Easter holiday break. I am excited to go back and get Term 2 underway but I would also… View Post

With Easter rapidly approaching I thought that I would do something Easter related for today’s post. I wanted to make Easter treats but the time just ran away from me. Also, I hate that I… View Post

Today I went to apply for a new passport. We got there at what seemed like a good time. 3 hours later I walked out, having finally renewed it. Well technically I still have to… View Post

My favourite kinds of reality TV shows are not the ones where we follow a family around, or where we find out personal business about random people. No. My favourite shows are ones where people… View Post

I am currently on holiday so I made the decision to write a bunch of blog posts, and take photos, so that I didn’t have to stress about it. So far, I have failed. I… View Post