Can we please take a moment to acknowledge that I am FINALLY on holiday. Okay, well I will be in a few hours. I am so excited to have these 3 weeks off from work… View Post

At the end of last year I was lucky enough to get a fabulous selection of mini Sorbet nail polishes from one of the girls in my class. There are so many pretty colours so… View Post

Being a blogger is wonderful. I love being able to write and take photographs and have it actually mean something. Blogging is not my job. I have a full time job and do blogging as… View Post

Going on a first date can be scary. I mean obviously it depends on who you are going on the date with. But whether it is someone completely new, a blind date, or someone you… View Post

My handbag is a wonderful place. It contains pretty much everything you could possibly think of. When I go out and someone is looking for something they will always ask me because, chances are, that… View Post