5 Essence Mascaras: A Review

I love makeup and one of my favourite brands is Essence. Their makeup is good quality, long lasting, and inexpensive. They also have such wide ranges that there really is something for everyone. What more could you want?

I have been using the same mascaras for longer than I care to share. I actually only have Essence mascaras at the moment. Recently I wanted to try out some new mascaras so I bought 2 new Essence ones to try. My previous 3 Essence mascaras had all worked really well so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.

Get Big ! Lashes Volume Boost Mascara

This was one of the newer mascaras that I purchased. This brush is really big. I didn’t check it in store and I kind of wish I had.  The brush is so large that I sometimes struggle to completely coat my lashes. As a mascara it definitely works. I mean it lengthens my lashes and you can see a clear difference in them but it just does not add as much length and fullness as I would like. It takes work!

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

This is one of the best mascaras that I have used! It lengthens my lashes and makes them look thicker and more voluminous. This one definitely lives up to being a “volume” mascara. While the brush is fairly big it still manages to reach every hair. I actually received this in an Advent Calendar and I loved it so I’m glad that I did!

Would I repurchase? Definitely.

I Need A Miracle Mascara

This is a volumising and strengthening mascara but honestly I cannot say that I was that impressed. It felt like maybe my one was already starting to dry out when I bought it but I can honestly say that it took a lot of work to use this product. Normally I am good to go with just one coat of mascara but with this one I needed at least two for it to start working. Once I had used a few coats it looked good but I really don’t want to have to spend ages coating my lashes in mascara just for them to look great. Although the more I use this the more it seems to improve.

Would I repurchase? Probably not.

I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

This is part of the same range that I loved above so there should be no surprise that I loved this one too. It definitely lived up to its name and gave me some crazy volume. I did find that sometime it was a little bit gloopy but after I had wiped it off with a tissue there were no complaints. Honestly I can deal with a little bit of gloop for a really great mascara. Also, the tube is pink so it’s already a winner!

Would I repurchase? Yes!

Forbidden Volume Mascara

This is one of the best mascaras and mascara wands that I have ever used! It is the perfect size and it is shaped really nicely so it gets in there and coats all of my lashes! This is not a clumpy mascara at all and the application is really smooth. It definitely gives my eyelashes so much volume and length!

Would I repurchase? Absolutely!

Have you ever used any of these mascaras before? Are there any mascaras that you think I HAVE to try? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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