5 Problems with Social Media

Social Media is all around us. It is constantly growing and there are constantly new apps being created. Living in the 21st Century, it is very difficult to avoid Social Media. As wonderful as it is, there are also problems with it. Just like everything else, Social Media is not perfect. What are my problems with it? Well…

Everything is a Competition

Now, granted, this is not the case for all people but social media has become something that measures how popular people are. Your follower or friend count does not and should not determine how much of an impact you can make. Sadly, it would seem as though people with more friends or followers are the ones that everyone seems to care about. A celebrity can say hello and get 50 000 retweets but someone with 500 followers says hello and you can hear crickets.

Like high school, it is full of cliques

Social media seems to be really cliquey these days. Some people are really obvious about it, where they won’t interact with people that are not in their clique. Others are more subtle. Either way, it’s disappointing. When you’re having a bad day and looking for someone to talk to and no one is there but when someone really well liked tweets “Ouch” they’re inundated with concerned people. Also, the more popular you are the more people will support your blog/business. People are constantly going on about supporting small businesses but then only seem to support bigger ones.

It takes over your life

Social Media stops us from living in the moment. Ah what a beautiful sunset – quick, let me take out my phone and take a photo. We start sharing our moments online instead of telling our friends family first. We spend an an entire concert taking photos instead of actually enjoying the show. How many of us pick up our phone first thing in the morning and go through all of our accounts before we even get out of bed? Guilty!

You aren’t allowed to have an opinion

As soon as you post something on social media that might be in the slightest bit controversial you seem to get blasted from all corners. People don’t seem to realise that we are all allowed to have an opinion. You can definitely disagree with the opinion and share your views but blasting someone else for their views? It’s not going to make them listen and it is completely unnecessary. Also, don’t even think about having an opinion that is different to a well loved internet figure. Once their followers attack you, you might find yourself wishing you hadn’t said anything at all.

Your self-worth is dependent on it

Why do we allow our self worth to depend on how many likes our instagram photo gets? Ah I only got 50 likes, no one likes me. Oh, no one’s tweeted me in 3 hours – guess no one cares. Just because people on the internet don’t interact with us it does not mean that we aren’t worth it. We are all beautiful and special people and we shouldn’t have to have the approval of people on social media – whether we know them or not.

What are your problems with social media? Do you have any? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x





  1. Christelle
    Dec 3, 2018 / 22:13

    I so totally agree with your views. People spend their time on social media instead of having quility time with family or friends. We communicate more with “faceless strangers” than our love ones with us. Also, I think there are too many posts on social media that instigate unress, fear, rasial/political tension etc.

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      Dec 7, 2018 / 20:46

      Oh, yes! I fully agree with you! People definitely try and cause too much drama on social media. Completely unnecessary!

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