5 Things I Have Learnt Since I Started Blogging

Since I started blogging there is so much that I have learnt. Obviously everybody will have different experiences but these are just some of the things that stand out to me.

It’s Hard Work

Blogging is not just about writing a few words down and taking a photo. You need to make sure that you read over your work, check for mistakes, and are writing something that you are passionate about. Also, photography is more than just taking a photo of some random thing. Lighting is key, and it takes time to get that perfect shot.

Networking is Important

If you want to make something out of your blog, you cannot just write a post and close your laptop. You need to network, and promote. Share your blog on social media. Also, don’t just share your posts, comment and share other people’s posts as well. Reply to their comments on your blog/social media as well. Interact with others and they will interact with you.

Organisation is Key

You need a set plan. I need to post on certain days, or otherwise it will make me really anxious. Trust me on this, I have skipped a few posts before (due to circumstances I could not control) and it pretty much haunted me, constantly. Also, I need to plan posts in advance to reduce the stress. This might not be necessary for everyone, but it is for me.

The Community is Often Not a Community at all

I wish I could say that the blogging community always has each others backs but, it doesn’t. That is not to say that everyone is the same, absolutely not. But, sadly, there are far too many people who try to get ahead by putting others down. The in fighting among bloggers is, quite frankly, exhausting.

You Will Keep Learning

No matter what you write about, you will keep learning. Whether it be how to take better, clearer photos, or how to improve your writing. Being a blogger is like being a life long learner. There are also loads of different courses, or guides that you can get to keep on improving. You don’t have to spend loads of money on them either. There are loads of free ones.

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What have you learnt since you started blogging? If you are not a blogger then what are you most interested to learn about blogging? Let me know in the comments below!





  1. September 14, 2017 / 17:39

    Love this post! Your blog is absolutely beautiful – looking forward to more content xox Imogen

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      September 16, 2017 / 21:18

      Thank you so much! That means so much x

  2. September 16, 2017 / 21:23

    Moving across the world has put such a big strain on my blogging, and I never actually realized HOW hard and time-consuming it is. I’m finally easing back into it, though!
    This post hit the nail on the head! Love it 🙂


    • Kirsty Hoggons
      September 18, 2017 / 19:08

      Thank you! I am looking so forward to all of your new blog posts! It’s such an exciting new chapter that you’ve started x

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