I love these posts. It gives me a chance to share my favourite products with you, as well as the ones that I probably won’t buy again. Here are my latest beauty empties. Blistex DCT… View Post

I love reading posts like this because they are a great source of information. I tend to keep using the same kinds of products because I hate the thought of spending money on products that… View Post

Welcome back to another beauty empties post! I have decided that I really need to stop buying new products until I have used some of the ones that I already have. By this I mean… View Post

I finally have enough empty products to do one of these posts so I am pretty excited! I have been storing these for so long and I can finally get rid of them so that’s… View Post

Does anyone else store up empties for blog posts and then forget about them and find them months later? Because that is exactly what happened to me with these products. I forget I had them… View Post