I am a teacher and this week at my school was Teacher Appreciation Week. Every day this week we got a small gift of appreciation. This got me thinking – showing someone you care doesn’t… View Post

Do you know what really frustrates me? When people belittle other people’s problems just because they or someone they know is going through something worse. With everything going on in the world a lot of… View Post

Before I start this post I want to say that this is supposed to be a lighthearted and fun post so please don’t take it too personally! You can probably tell by my blog name… View Post

Before you start reading this post you should know that it is going to be cheesy. I never really feel like my friends always know how much I appreciate them so I thought this might… View Post

Since I started my new job I wear makeup more regularly. Usually I wear the same products everyday with only a few that are different. I start with the Almay Clear Complexion™ Makeup. I went… View Post