Beauty Review: Rain Aqueous Cream

At the recent EC Meet Up we were all lucky enough to be treated by Rain Africa to our own tub of Rain Natural Aqueous Cream. Now we weren’t simply given the tub of cream. We were given the opportunity to create our very own, personalised product.

There were a variety of essential oils that we could use in our product. There were also base oils but for the life of me I cannot think which one I put in mine.

Lucky I did not forget which essential oil I used, and even if I did one whiff of my aqueous cream would certainly be able to tell me. There were charts available where you could decide which essential oils to use based on what you wanted the cream for. Basically I looked at the chart, decided what I needed and then went around smelling those oils.

I then found the one. Sweet Orange. I fell in love with how fresh it smelled and, after putting a few drops into my cream, and stirring it, I knew that I had made the correct decision.

Sweet Orange helps with the following:

  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Relaxing
  • Sleep
  • Skin

I mean can you see why I chose this one? It was pretty much made for me!

The cream itself is so moisturising and does not leave your hands feeling sticky. It is also nice and thick, and you do not need a whole lot of it. A little goes a long way in this case. I put this on my hands but I could still smell it, that is how strong the scent is. Although, seeing as though I did put it in I am going to take credit for that part 😉


You can also use this product on your face which I have been a bit hesitant to do because I only really use my moisturiser on my face but if I decide to use this one then I will definitely let you know what I think!

If you would like to try this cream out for yourself then you can purchase it over here. Also, have a look at their website because they have some really amazing products. As an added bonus, Rain Africa do not test on animals which is a plus! You can read more about them on their website and I would really recommend that you do! Here is their promise.

Were you at the Meet Up? What did you think of your Rain Africa cream? If you weren’t then does this look like something that you might want to try? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x



  1. June 17, 2017 / 13:25

    I was a bit enthusiastic with mine and put lemon, ginger and lemongrass in it. So that might be a bit strong. I haven’t tested it yet as I am so nervous it will be a bit too oily. But that’s a silly excuse. I’ve been lazy and I’m almost finished a few moisturisers, so have been wanting to empty existing open products first. Chaos on the bedside table is a real issue – too many open tubs of cream *facepalm*


    • Kirsty Hoggons
      June 18, 2017 / 11:32

      Oh I completely understand that! I have so many creams on my desk and I can’t even tell you how many I have in my handbag/work basket/work desk drawers. I could probably do an entire post just on my cream collection haha!

  2. June 17, 2017 / 22:24

    Sounds very interesting! I’m tempted to check out the links but then I’ll end up buying stuff lol I love essential oils. Sweet orange was definitely a good choice.

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      June 18, 2017 / 11:30

      haha oh I know that feeling! It smell so fresh and amazing! x

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