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Before I even get into this post let me say that I am in no way a blogging expert. These blogging tips are things that I find work for me. We are all different and so are our blogs so the things that work for me might not work for you. You might even do all of these things already anyway. However, if I can help even one person, with one tip, then I will feel like this has been successful.

Always read before posting

Always read through your posts before you upload them. Spelling mistakes can put someone off your blog completely. Of course if you have one it’s unlikely to deter too many people but when every paragraph has mistakes it can get quite difficult to read. Sometimes the word is spelled correctly but it’s not actually the one that you want so it doesn’t get picked up.

Be real

Be yourself on your blog. Show people who you are and let them know that the person writing the posts is a real person! When you become more real to an audience you also become more relatable. People want to know the person behind the blog so let them now as much as you are comfortable with sharing.

Don’t procrastinate

Do not leave your blog posts until the last minute. When you start stressing about posts having to be up on time it takes some of the fun out of blogging. When you do have some time, write a few posts so that you have some in the bank. Also, take photographs in bulk so that you don’t have to worry about having the perfect photographs for your posts.

Good quality photographs are key

If someone goes onto your blog and you have grainy photographs then they are less likely to go back for a second visit. I know that blogging is about the writing but when you’re staring at a screen it’s nice to have something pretty to look at as well. Also, you don’t need expensive equipment to take good photographs. Loads of people take really quality ones with just their phone. Also, natural light is your friend.

Write for yourself

Um, but if I am writing for myself then will anyone even read it? YES! They will! If you are writing about things you are passionate about then people will notice that. I have read so many blogs where the content is not something that I would normally read but because I love how passionate the blogger is I read it anyway. If you write about subjects that you hate but other people want to read then that passionate won’t be there.

I know that there are probably hundreds of blogging tips on the internet right now and this barely covers the tip of the iceberg! What blogging tips do you live by? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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