Blogmas Day 20 – Why I Love Blogmas


Can you believe that Blogmas is almost over? I know, right?! Where did the time go? It honestly feels as though I was just planning Day 1 and now it is almost over. I have seen a lot of people say that they are not doing Blogmas this year but I know that there are loads of us who are. So here are just three reasons about why I love Blogmas so much.

It’s About Christmas

I am fully aware that not everyone posts about Christmas every day. I mean, I don’t either. However, there are so many Christmas posts that come out of Blogmas and that makes me really happy! Christmas is my favourite time of the year and seeing everyone’s posts makes me even more excited for the festive season. I also love writing posts about Christmas as it reminds me how close it is getting.

I Can Blog Every Day

As I am a teacher I am on holiday for pretty much the whole of December. This means that I have the time to write and take photographs for a new post every day. During term time I would never be able to as I just have too much to do but over my holiday – I am free to blog!

I Find New Blogs

During Blogmas I have discovered so many new blogs and bloggers. I think that this is due to all of the Christmas posts that catch my eye so I have been visiting a lot more blogs! This makes me happy because now I have some new blogs to continue reading into next year as I have discovered some really amazing ones!

Well there are just some of the reasons why I love Blogmas and why I chose to do it (again) this year! Have you been enjoying Blogmas? What is your favourite thing about it? Let me know in the comments below!






  1. December 21, 2016 / 00:08

    All of your reasons mentioned are why I wanted to join in, its my first year if blogging and blogmas has been great!!

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      December 21, 2016 / 15:43

      I did Blogmas last year on my old blog and loved it so just had to do it again this year! 🙂

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