Blogmas Day 21 – Blogmas Roundup


As there are so many people doing Blogmas I thought that today I would share some of my favourite posts with you in a Blogmas roundup. I have been reading a LOT of Blogmas posts and there are so many great ones to choose from. The ones I have chosen below are really just a drop in the Blogmas ocean because if I wanted to speak about all of the posts that I have loved we would be here until Christmas…literally!

Before I get into the posts I also just want to mention that they will not all be Christmas posts however they will all be posts that people have put up during Blogmas/December. So, here is my Blogmas roundup.

Brooklyn Farm Girl – Christmas Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

I needed to add these into the mix because they look AMAZING! They are the perfect Christmas morning snack! Actually, who am I kidding?! They are the perfect any time snack! I cannot wait to get into the kitchen and make these. I should have made these for everyone for Christmas this year. Although… there is always next year 😉

You can find this mouth watering recipe here.

Coleoftheball – 5 of the Best Liquid Lips

The reason I love this post is that there are swatches; which I love! They are also from 5 different brands so you can find something that suits you. The different brands are also described so well that after reading the post I am ready to go out and buy quite a few of the colours!

Definitely worth a read which you can do here.

Gracies World – Crunchy Ginger and Chocolate Slab

This is a recipe involving chocolate so of course it has to make the list! It sounds absolutely amazing and looks so quick and easy to make. I have not actually made this yet HOWEVER that just means that I will need to try it out at some point. It looks delicious so I am pretty excited.

You can find the recipe over here.

Lizzie Arkell – What’s in My Bag? Festive Edition

So, the reason this post made the list is that I am very nosy. I LOVE seeing what people have in their bags and this one says festive edition so naturally that makes it perfect for this post. It does! It also introduced me to some new products which I always appreciate!

You can also have a nosy over here.

Sophie Anne Taylor – What to Buy People Who Love Travelling

First off this is one of my favourite blogs and bloggers! Her photos are gorgeous and her writing is really great! I love this post because I love to travel and so many of these gifts would be handy! Most of them are things that I would never have thought to give to someone but while reading the post I realised what a good idea it would be!

You can have a look at the gift guide over here.

Have you read any of the posts in this Blogmas roundup? Who else has good posts that I should check out? Let me know in the comments below!





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