It’s Okay to be Upset over Cancelled Travel Plans

There are a lot of things that have annoyed me about people during this pandemic but one of the ones that really gets to me is people complaining about people complaining about cancelled travel plans. Let me explain.

While travelling isn’t a huge concern for a lot of people at the moment, there are many people who have had to cancel travel plans because of everything going on in the world right now. Then, when they complain about this on social media or show that they are upset, people start going off at them because “there are much more important things going on in the world right now than a little holiday.” Now look, I hear you, but why can people not be upset about something that they had been looking forward to?

I live in Poland but most of my family is back home in South Africa. Due to my job, the only time it makes sense to visit them is during the Summer holidays. The plan for this Summer holiday was to spend a few weeks in England (my favourite place). During this time I was going to visit friends, travel around the country a bit, do some shopping, and finally watch some cricket. Poland isn’t so big on the whole cricket thing and I love watching it! After visiting England, I was going to go back home to South Africa for about a month to see my family and friends (also, my cat – especially my cat).

However, both of those plans have now been put on hold indefinitely. I am allowed to be upset. I see my family once a year and now I won’t be seeing them for an even longer period of time. I am allowed to be upset about the fact that my plans got cancelled. Obviously visiting England is an easier task as it’s a short plane ride away, however it’s not really high on my list of places to travel right now. Honestly my list of places to travel has been put on a bit of a pause.

I was also going to spend some time in England during my April holidays. It’s a much shorter break (about a week) but it was going to be fun to see friends and go to Primark. Yes, I travel to places to shop at Primark. Poland doesn’t have one and I love it. I had a few other travel plans on the horizon but obviously none of those came to anything either.

I just wanted to share that I think it’s okay to be upset. While there are many places in Europe that are now opening up to tourists, I don’t think that I will be doing a proper holiday for a little while yet. Have you had any travel plans cancelled? Where is the first place you want to go to? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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