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Carry On-min

I am leaving for Cape Town today for a long weekend getaway. As usual, I am probably going to have way too much stuff and I’ll end up packing half of my life into my carry on luggage. Here is what I’ll be taking:


I love my camera so much and whenever I go on holiday it goes with me. you never know what beauty you’ll find when you’re in another place. And trust me when I say that Cape Town has some beautiful spots.

Chewing Gum

I need to chew this when the plane lands and takes off. It just makes me feel way more comfortable and I don’t have to worry about having blocked ears.

ID Book

This is really more of a necessity. I mean I have to take this with me when I travel and it’s always in my purse anyway so I suppose that’s a given.

Travel 1-min

iPod and headphones

While I’m flying  listen to music and forget about everything else. This is especially great if I am travelling alone. I probably spend most of the flight with my headphones in.

Lip Balm

At the moment I am using Blistex which is just my favourite! I carry this with me everywhere so obviously it is a necessity when I travel as well.

Notebook and pen

I take this with me in case I feel the sudden urge to write something or I suddenly think of some great blog post ideas 😉


Obviously I need this because how else am I going to shop?! This is the new wallet that I received from one of the children in my class for Christmas last year.


The airline I am flying with today doesn’t actually give you a meal – they give you snacks. So I like to pack my own just in case I get a bit peckish during the flight. I mean I probably won’t eat anything but it’s good to have just in case.

Travel 2-min

Those are my must have carry on essentials? What do you have to have in your carry on luggage when you travel? Let me know in the comments below!




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