I was nominated by the absolutely gorgeous Jasmine to do the blogger tag and I was so excited because I love doing tags and the questions in this blogger tag are really fun! Please go… View Post

Today I am going to be talking through 5 lipsticks that I think could work really well for Christmas. These are all lipsticks that I have used so I have first hand experience of all… View Post

I went into Dis-Chem and saw that they had the new Essence range and it was Christmas themed! Obviously I needed to get some bits because Essence have good quality makeup, everything was pretty, and… View Post

Last night I had my work staff function and, as it is Christmas, I decided to do my makeup a little bit differently. Now it might not actually look much different to how I normally… View Post

Welcome to Blogmas Day 2, lovelies! I did Blogmas last year and I absolutely loved it. I don’t have the time during the year to upload every day but during December I am on holiday… View Post