Last weekend I went to the EC Meet Up and it was such fun! I’ll link my posts on that at the bottom of this one if you haven’t had time to take a little… View Post

Ah Christmas, what a wonderful time! But with Christmas comes presents and with presents comes spending money. Just because you want to get a lovely gift for someone it does not mean that you need… View Post

I live in South Africa so over Christmas it is hot. Sadly this means that I cannot really wear Christmas jumpers. It does not mean, however, that I cannot want them! I think I should… View Post

November has been the busiest month with work, and it still isn’t over. I don’t have a lot of favourites this month so I have only chosen a few things to share with you. Hair… View Post

Blogmas Post Ideas? But it’s only november, Kirsty! What are you doing?? Well sorry to everyone who doesn’t love Christmas as much as me but it is officially one month until Christmas and that means… View Post