Raise your hand if you like chocolate. I am raising two over here because I LOVE it! I enjoy chocolate and I enjoy baking so it would make sense to love chocolate chip cookies. Not… View Post

Halloween is just around the corner and, although we don’t really celebrate it as much here, I do love making Halloween inspired food. Both of the treats that I am sharing today are ridiculously easy… View Post

Makes approximately 20 biscuits I love peanut butter. I love baking. I love biscuits. It just makes sense that these biscuits would be at the top of my to bake list. The great thing about… View Post

So recently I realised that I really needed to start eating healthier. My problem with food is that I get lazy and bored and I end up eating the quickest things to make. These are… View Post

I received these in my goodie bag at the EC Meet Up a short while ago. The name, Eat Naked, intrigued me and I was really excited to try them out. I decided to try… View Post