As a teacher I see different things in lunch boxes every day. I also take my own packed lunch to school and am always looking for different things to put inside! These snack ideas are… View Post

The month of May brings with it the month I really need to get myself together and start being healthier. I have been trying but I really need to get a better plan worked out.… View Post

I have been trying to eat a bit better so I am always looking to try new things. I always have breakfast in the morning and this muesli is perfect for it. This batch lasts… View Post

So, in case you haven’t read about what I got for my birthday, one of my gifts was Eat Smart by Niomi Smart. This made me so excited because I have been wanting this book… View Post

This past weekend it was my birthday and to celebrate I had a small tea party with a few friends. Now, as I do love a good themed party, this year I chose to channel… View Post