Catrice Surprise Pack

Catrice is a really well priced and good quality makeup brand so when I saw this Catrice Surprise Pack on Takealot I knew that I needed to try it out. You get 10 products in this box and it costs R269. You can get this on special though as it is often on the Daily Deal! There really isn’t much to go by on the website as the only information they give you is “Mystery Box Contains a variety of Nail, Lip and Eye Products. It excludes all Face Cosmetics such as Foundation, Concealers and Powders. Product Contents may vary.

Here is everything that is inside my Catrice Surprise Pack:

L to R: Peachahontas, CO1 Bouquet de Fleurs, CO2 Bouquet de Roses

These eye shadows are gorgeous. I love the patterns on them and, although the photo doesn’t pick it up too well, there is a bit of shimmer in the 2 patterned shades. The matt one is also really pretty.

This eye shadow pen is in the shade CO3 mudITATION and according to the packaging is a limited edition from the Sounds of Silence range. It is a creamy pen that has a powdery finish which sounds very intriguing so I am looking forward to seeing how it looks when it is on.

L to R: Rose, Would You…?, Walk the Coraline

I got 4 lip products in this box which seems fantastic…until you see that they have given me 2 of exactly the same products. The lighter one is a liquid lipstick and the more orangey one is a lip gloss. But why did they give me two of each?! I feel as though I was actually only given 2 lip products. And if I don’t like these then it’s 4 products wasted instead of 2!

I am very excited about the Matt nail polish top coat. You apply this over your painted nails and it gives them a satin matt finish with a fine pearl effect. It sounds super pretty so I am excited for this. However, once again, I got duplicate colours but this time in nail polish. The shade of this nail polish is Hidden & Forbidden Rose which is really pretty but I now have 2 which I feel is a bit of a waste.

Final thoughts:

I liked this box but I am a bit disappointed. In this box I received 3 duplicate products which made opening the box a whole lot less exciting. I wouldn’t have minded if I had got the same products but in different shades. At least there would have been much more variety. I actually got 11 products instead of the 10 advertised though which was nice.

Would I repurchase?

Probably not. Catrice is a good quality brand and are a firm favourite of mine. However, the fact that I got 3 duplicate products has put me off a bit. I worry that this would happen in another box as well.

This isn’t the first time I have taken a chance on a surprise box of makeup. I also bought an Essence Mystery Box last year which was such good value for money!

What product looks the best to you from this Catrice Surprise Pack? Have you bought a box like this? What other brands make mystery boxes? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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