My Easter Nails


So today is my last day of holidays. I go back to work tomorrow after a lovely Easter holiday break. I am excited to go back and get Term 2 underway but I would also like just a few more days, please?! At least one thing is ready for the new term and that is my nails! Here is how I did my nails for the Easter weekend.

I actually bought these Colours Limited nail polishes from Foschini and they were only R16,95 which is a ridiculously good price! For my foreign friends that is around $1,27 or £1! Now my first thought if something is as cheap as this, is that the quality is not going to be that great. Well these nail polishes obviously didn’t get that memo because they stay on for ages! I have worn this nail polish for a week before, where it started wearing away before any chips actually started showing.

Nail Polish-min

The two colours that I have used for my Easter nails are Vivid (the pink) and Plush (the purple). After I had painted my nails I used the Essence Quick Dry Top Coat just to try and make my nails last as long as possible. I love Essence so much they even creep into my nail polish posts! Finally, to end off the process I used the Essence Express Dry Drops. These work really well! They just help the nail polish to set and dry faster so you don’t have to worry about sitting there for hours, and hours.

Easter Nails-min

The reason I chose these colours is because for me, the colours surrounding Easter are pastels and these colours work perfectly. Did you have any special Easter nails? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x

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