Easy Ways to Relax


Life can be stressful; we all know that’s true. Finding ways to de-stress and relax is always great. Well, I think so anyway. Today I am going to share some easy ways to relax that don’t take a lot of effort.

Colour In

Buy a colouring in book and some crayons for yourself. It can be a children’s or an adult’s book, I have both, and spend some time finding your inner child.

Have a Bath

Running a hot bath for yourself is so relaxing. Throw all of the bubbles and bath bombs into it and climb in. I don’t read or do anything in the bath; I just like to lie there. Don’t use your phone for social media – this is your time to get away from the online world.

Make Some Tea

Make yourself a hot cup of tea and grab a few biscuits. It doesn’t matter what tea you fill your cup with, just make sure that you’re drinking from a decent sized mug!

Pamper Yourself

Paint your nails. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure, just spend some time making yourself feel better. I love having painted nails but not so much actually doing the cutting and filing. A lot of people find this really relaxing though and maybe you’re one of them!

Read, Read, Read

The easiest way to relax, and the one that takes the least amount of effort, is to read. Grab a book, find a comfortable spot and get started. You can combine this one with some tea, or perhaps a hot bath, but just find something that you enjoy. This is my favourite thing to do and something that I have not been doing much of lately. I think that after I have uploaded this post I will have to grab a book and get started again!

What things do you do to relax? Do you enjoy doing any of these? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x



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