I Recently Acquired Some Eco-Friendly Products

A short while ago I attended the EC Bloggers Meet Up and I was lucky enough to win a really lovely prize! It was sponsored by Faithful to Nature and was as if it was made for me! Faithful to Nature is an online shop where you can purchase all sorts of great things. They strive to be more Eco-friendly and have a whole load of reusable products on their store. Also, there is a pretty large section where you can order delicious chocolate so that’s also a plus 😉 You can read more about their wonderful products here.

First of all, it came in a really lovely reusable bag which will definitely come in handy for work. I am a teacher so I carry loads of things to and from school every day.

Inside the bag there were even more amazing things! The first thing that I saw was the Fresh Bag. This is good for carrying your fresh produce home from the shops, instead of using a plastic bag. I really love this idea because plastic packets really do seem to end up everywhere!

The next thing that I pulled out was a little chocolate. It was the Gayleens Turkish Rose Soft centred Bar. Now I am not the biggest fan of dark chocolate or Turkish delight but this chocolate is actually really nice! I am busy eating it as I write this so you can trust me on this 😉 There was also a little pocket guide to safe shopping where they actually share which product ingredients you should stay away from and which ones are safe!

I take water to school every day so this glass water bottle that I received was a very welcome addition! I love that it is a decent size and that it is a lot better than using a plastic bottle. Yes, I am guilty of that! I do think that I need to get another one of these bottles though because I usually go through about two of these a day at work! Also, it comes in a variety of colours.

The last thing that I received is the Ecoffee cup. Oh my goodness – the excitement when I saw this was so real! This is a gorgeous and reusable coffee mug that has got so many positive things going for it. I take tea to work every morning so this could not have gone to a better home haha! I love that this mug is biodegradable – yes, you heard right! It makes me feel so good about using it knowing that, when it’s no longer usable, it will go back into the environment. It also comes in loads of different designs.

They actually give you a whole list of wonderful things about it so I thought that instead of me telling you each and every little thing you can read about them. This is on the side of the box that the cup comes in!

So there is everything that I won. I was honestly so excited when I got home and opened everything up. Also, I have fallen in love with the Faithful to Nature website. They have such amazing products on there so you should definitely go and give them a little look.

Shop this post:

Gayleens Turkish Rose Soft centred Bar

Consol Grip & Go Bottle

Have you heard of this shop before? Do any of these products look good to you? Let me know in the comments below!

Kirsty x



  1. June 17, 2017 / 08:41

    I really love this idea for a post! I think it’s so important to help take care of the wonderful planet we live on, and small changes like this really help !

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      June 17, 2017 / 09:51

      Thank you! I try and be Eco-friendly as much as possible and there are such small ways, like this, that make such a difference! 🙂 x

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