My 10 handbag essentials

My handbag is a wonderful place. It contains pretty much everything you could possibly think of. When I go out and someone is looking for something they will always ask me because, chances are, that I will be able to whip it out of my bag. Now I could do a post where I show you EVERYTHING that is in my handbag but I fear that would get far too tedious. So today I am going to share with you my 10 handbag essentials.

Car Keys

I recently purchased my very first car and it is super exciting. This does mean, however, that when I go out I will pretty much always have my car keys with me. I mean obviously. How else am I going to get places?

Chewing Gum

As you can see, I currently carry a pretty large bottle of this around with me. I don’t eat it that often but I like knowing that it’s there if I need it. Also, this is something that people ask for, a lot.

Hand Sanitiser

I carry this with me everywhere I go. I have this in every bag that I leave the house with. I hate having dirty hands and this just works so well! Also, I normally carry wipes with me as well – and how cute are these?!


I take this with me so that I can listen to it in the car. It’s either this or CDs so my iPod has become a pretty essential part of my life. I literally use it every time I am in the car.

Lip Balm

Perhaps this should say lip balms. I always have about 3 or 4 lip products in my bag at once. Be it lip balm, lip stick, or lip gloss. I often forget to take the previous one out before I put a new one in. Oops!

Paper and Pen

I always carry a notebook around with me, Apart from the fact that it is handy to have paper, I also use it to write down blog ideas, or things to do. I definitely prefer paper reminders rather than phone ones. And obviously if I have a notebook I need a pen. I also carry a few of these around with me at a time. I mean if one runs out it’s good to have a back up, right?


I cannot leave home without my phone. It’s not even because I think that someone is going to message me and I’ll miss it. It’s more because if something happens I need to know that I can message or phone someone and let them know.


Well this one seems fairly obvious as well. This has my ID book, driver’s licence, and cards. So it’s a pretty important thing to carry around with me.


I have more than one rosary but this one stays in my bag permanently. You never know when you might want to pray it so it’s good to have one on hand. Also, it’s so beautiful!


You know those sweets you get at restaurants? I have so many of those inside my handbag. I even have them in this cute little polka dot bag so that they are all together and easy to find.

So there are my handbag essentials. What are your have to have handbag essentials? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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