Irritating things people say about teachers


So today I thought that I would share something a little bit different on my blog. I am a teacher and there are certain things that people say about teachers that really get to me. Now I know that sometimes people say these in jest but when they’re being dead serious it’s kind of annoying. Now, I teach the young ones, so some of these things might be more specific to that.

“Anyone can be a teacher”

Actually no, they can’t. Teaching, like most professions, takes a certain kind of person. Yes, some people become a teacher for the wrong reasons but they quickly get weeded out. It’s true that everyone can study to be a teacher but being a teacher takes kindness, patience, and a whole lot of heart.

“You only work half days”

Uhm, I work from 07:00-15:00 and you work from 09:00-17:00. You do realise that we work the same amount of hours, right? Also, our work hours exclude things like Saturday derby days, or galas, which we don’t get paid extra for by the way. Also, around report time we spend hours, at home, working.

“You play all day”

You do realise that if we played all day no one would ever get anywhere in life. In the Foundation Phase we build the foundation – hence the name. We do not play all day; but if you don’t believe us then by all means come and take our class for the day. We could sure do with a break.

“You get so many holidays”

Yes, and this is a perk. Having long holidays are great but they are also necessary. Being a teacher is emotionally draining. Teaching 30 children every day takes its toll and we need the break. Remember that each child is different and the method that works one might not work for another so we’re constantly having to change things up mid lesson.

“You teach small children so the work is easy”

Yes, the work is easy to us as teachers but it’s not so easy to the 7 year olds we’re teaching. Remember, we’re the ones responsible for teaching them. Older children do work that is more difficult, obviously, but they have also had way more years of schooling so it’s all relative.

There are loads more misconceptions about being a teacher but I think these few are enough for now. There is one more thing that I haven’t mentioned yet, and that is that even though our jobs aren’t easy, and we certainly don’t play all day, we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Are you a teacher? What misconceptions about teachers bother you? If you aren’t a teacher then perhaps you have some questions? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x



  1. March 12, 2017 / 10:01

    I can totally relate to this post, I work in early years and everyone thinks all I do all day is play… if only they knew haha

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      March 13, 2017 / 15:37

      haha if all we did was play then life would be so much easier!

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