June Favourites (2017)

Can we please take a moment to acknowledge that I am FINALLY on holiday. Okay, well I will be in a few hours. I am so excited to have these 3 weeks off from work and even though I don’t have many plans as of yet, I am still really excited for the break! Now that I have got that out of the way, here are my June favourites.


In the month of June I finally bought my own car. Sharing a car can be a huge mission so I am beyond excited to finally have my own transport to get around. It has been the most wonderful time knowing that I can just hop in my car and leave without having to check if anyone else is going anywhere.

Checkers Mini Shop

One of our local stores has a promotion on at the moment where for every R150 you spend you get one of these adorable mini shop items. I mean how cute are these?! They were so popular the last time they had them that they have brought them out again, but with different items this time. I am hoping to collect the entire collection this time as last time I fell short.

Criminal Minds

I am in no way a Criminal Minds newbie. I have been watching it since it came out. However this month I have been re-watching it non-stop after I took a short break to watch another series. I am that annoying person that can tell you exactly what episode it is within the first 5 seconds of the episode. I am actually pretty proud of that to be honest.

Jungle Oatso Easy

I normally buy the mixed box of these and I have one every morning for breakfast. They are so quick and easy to make – you literally just add boiling water. Also, there are a variety of different flavours and they are absolutely delicious. They are also perfect for the chilly winter mornings we are having.

MAC Patesserie

This was the first MAC lipstick that I bought and I am still using it. This colour is gorgeous and I have been wearing this for work so much lately. I found out about it while watching one of Niomi Smart’s videos and it took forever to find it here. Eventually I was on holiday in another town and I managed to buy it!

What items made it into your June Favourites? Do you like any of the items that I have mentioned here? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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