It’s the Little Things

I am a teacher and this week at my school was Teacher Appreciation Week. Every day this week we got a small gift of appreciation. This got me thinking – showing someone you care doesn’t have to cost a fortune and the little things really can be the best. The only things that we received that are not in the photo are a muffin and a boerewors roll!

On Monday we were given a muffin followed by post it notes on Tuesday with a cute note on them. On Wednesday we received a packet of peanuts, also with a note on it. At break time on Thursday we were given boerewors rolls and today we received a chocolate. They were all such thoughtful gifts! You can tell that a lot of effort and thought went into them. The school did not have to do anything like this but they did and I loved it!

One of the children in my class gave this gift to me today. For no reason at all. She just arrived at school with this gift and handed it over to me. It actually just made my day that she would think of me outside of school and bring something like this to me.

There are so many things that you can do for someone to make them happy or bring a smile to their faces and they really don’t have to cost a lot of money.

Here are just 5 little things that you can do to make someone smile:

  • Write a letter to someone
  • Bake them some biscuits
  • Give them a hug
  • Tell them that you appreciate them
  • Offer to make tea/coffee for someone

What are some little things that you have done for someone recently? Or something that someone else has done for you. Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x




    • Kirsty Hoggons
      Aug 27, 2016 / 19:04

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  1. Aug 27, 2016 / 18:36

    Your blog is right up my street. It’s so similar to mine and I love it! We should be twins (except that I already have a twin and we blog together)
    You should check us out at
    We are also teachers! I just looked up and saw that you’ve written a post about 10 things that make you happy! Guess what? I just wrote a post about ten things that make me smile! It hasn’t even been published yet! I will read yours once I’ve posted these comments.
    Thanks for the post. Your blog truly feels like a happy place. Well done you and all the best for the new school year. We go back on the 5th September (England)

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      Aug 27, 2016 / 19:06

      Hi! Oh my goodness that is so cool! I will definitely have a look at your blog – I have actually just opened it haha! I love meeting fellow teachers – it is so exciting! I look forward to reading your post as well! Ooh good luck for the year ahead! We are on a slightly different schedule so we start in January and end in December! I hope your new year goes well for you! 🙂

  2. Aug 27, 2016 / 20:00

    I love this list, and the gifts you got. Sometimes my husband will come home with something he saw while he was out and it’s really nice. Sometimes it’s candy, sometimes it’s s top he saw on sale that he liked. It’s nice to be appreciated. I work from home now, but when I worked in an office, he would get up before me in the winter and scrape my windshield, which made my whole morning. It doesn’t have to cost anything to show someone you appreciate and love them, and the free things are often the most memorable.

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      Aug 27, 2016 / 20:35

      Thank you! It really is the little things that mean the most. Those things that your husband does are so lovely and I am sure you appreciate them so much. Feeling appreciated and appreciating other people is the best!

  3. Aug 28, 2016 / 21:06

    Aw! That is the cutest idea ever!! I want to be a teacher so bad!

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      Aug 29, 2016 / 19:42

      It’s the most rewarding job! 🙂

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      Aug 29, 2016 / 19:42

      Thank you! They are so important 🙂

  4. Aug 29, 2016 / 04:23

    This is such a brilliant post! The fact that the school had a teacher appreciation week is so lovely, as teachers go through a lotttt of stuff behind the scenes to make sure that their lessons go to plan, most of it which people don’t even realise (coming up with topics/ways to teach etc) and the fact that that little girl got you a present is just adorable! I love the 5 tips at the bottom, they’re such great tips, this is such a lovely post and I hope to put some of those little things at the bottom to use and make someone smile 😀 thanks for sharing xxx

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      Sep 11, 2016 / 20:14

      Thank you so much! I was so surprised at the teacher appreciation week as it is my first teaching job but it was such a lovely idea. I am at a great school! 🙂 x

  5. Sep 4, 2016 / 14:02

    I think that this post was so wonderful. I’m a new visitor and am definitely going to be coming back to read future posts! Small little acts of kindness can really make someones day.
    -Olivia Xxxx

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      Sep 4, 2016 / 14:04

      Thank you! The small things mean so much x

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