For my birthday this year I decided to go with a simple theme. I chose Pink and Gold because I love pink and the colours look really pretty together. This year I decided to keep… View Post

Considering it’s March, is it too late to write a post about the Disney Christmas Parade? Oh well, even if it is that’s too bad. I am trying to prolong the aftermath of my holiday… View Post

I was approached by a wonderful company called Mini-Me and asked if I would be interested in creating my own Lego Mini-Me. Obviously I jumped at the chance. I love Lego and what could be… View Post

February was a good month for me. It was a busy month, no doubt, but it was also my birthday, so I enjoyed it! Even though February was a shorter month I still found some… View Post

I recently turned 27 *gasp* and for my birthday I was so spoilt by my friends and family. I thought that I would share everything that I got with you because I got some wonderful… View Post