Before you love me you should know that I’m not very confident and I can be a bit clingy. I’ll probably always wonder what you’re doing. Before you love me you should know that I… View Post

Blogmas Post Ideas? But it’s only november, Kirsty! What are you doing?? Well sorry to everyone who doesn’t love Christmas as much as me but it is officially one month until Christmas and that means… View Post

I was browsing Simply Victoriously (which is a great blog that you should all follow!) and I came across her post like this. I have decided to do my take on it and I hope… View Post

I finally have enough empty products to do one of these posts so I am pretty excited! I have been storing these for so long and I can finally get rid of them so that’s… View Post

I have had this blog for almost 4 months so I figure it’s about time to share some random bits of information with all of you. Now these are all things that I wouldn’t randomly… View Post