I got my new laptop yesterday and it is so pretty! I was super excited to write my blog post for today and then I realised that I had absolutely no inspiration. At all. I mean… View Post

Today I spoke to my Grade 2’s about Christmas and about how Christmas isn’t about what you get but more about what you give. I spoke to them about how some people don’t have much… View Post

On social media for the past few days there has been so much negativity and hate that I thought for today’s post I would spread some love. These are some bloggers that I have been… View Post

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that I really love online shopping… a lot! Last week I ordered from Takealot and I’m so excited to show you… View Post

Last weekend my younger sister had her birthday party and she had it at Holmeleigh Farm. For those of you who might not live in Port Elizabeth and might not know what this place is… View Post