I had been home from work for almost two hours and I knew that I had to write a post for today. However, with no blog inspiration I had nothing to write. I was getting… View Post

It started 9 years ago when I first created a Facebook account. Okay so maybe that is a bit dramatic but Facebook is becoming a source of unhappiness for me. Why don’t I just leave? Well… View Post

I had a scary movie night with some friends this weekend and I had a whole lot of movies that I planned on watching. I chose them so that I could write this post and… View Post

On the way home from Plett the other weekend we stopped at a small restaurant for breakfast. The Tsitsikamma Gardens Restaurant is a quaint restaurant with a gorgeous view! When we arrived we were the only… View Post

I really needed a new lip balm the other day and when I went to buy some the shop didn’t have either of the two brands that I normally use. However, I didn’t feel like going to… View Post