PEople’s Port Festival

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The People’s Port Festival was held this weekend in Port Elizabeth. Everyone that I saw had a blast so I had to go and see for myself! It was incredibly well supported and I would just like to give props to everyone who attended. By showing support it means that more cool and fun things will be held in the city!

There was quite a walk from the parking lot to the festival itself but there were also shuttles taking people there and back. My mum and I opted to walk and we made our way to the festivities. There were stalls, cars on display, food to buy, and lots to see. Obviously this took place at the harbour so the scenery was really pretty.

Nelson Mandela-min

You see this artwork of Nelson Mandela? It is salt! Yes, that is right – salt! The artist’s name is in the photo so go and check out some more artwork!

G Wizz-min

G Wizz 2-min

To say that I love this art would be an understatement. How incredible is this?! This is pure talent right here and I am pretty jealous to say the least!

Sand Sculpture-min

And how incredible is this sand sculpture? It took the artist an hour and a half to paint it and it is amazing! I honestly cannot imagine having the patience to do something like this!

VIP 2-min

After walking through the festival and looking at the stalls I headed into the VIP tent to get a bite to eat. It was really lovely inside and so relaxing. It was great to just sit there and relax. Here are the goodies that I decided to eat!


It was a really enjoyable afternoon and something different to the norm. Definitely something that I would be keen to do again!

Port Festival-min

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Did you head out to the Port Festival this weekend? Have you been to something similar? Let me know in the comments below!


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