Personal Goals for 2018

Writing this post is actually making me excited because I love getting organised and making goals for myself. I am first going to touch on whether or not I achieved my 2017 goals because I feel like I need to see if I have actually done anything to change my life in the past year. So, as a brief summary, here are my goals from last year.


I wanted to be more daring with my makeup and although I haven’t been very daring I have worn makeup to work every day which I didn’t do last year so that’s a start.


I have been more organised this year but there is so much more I want to do.


I have bought some new clothes but there is so much I still want to change.


Well this was a bit of a fail, I tried but then life got in the way and I used it as an excuse!


I have started learning Dutch which has been great! I am not fluent but I can somewhat read it now which I am happy with!


Nah, I didn’t really manage to do this one either. Well I did meet a friend from Twitter in London which was amazing!


I read some more but I need to do better!  I also need to actually remember to add all of the books that I read onto Goodreads! You can totally add me on there if you want to 😉


I have saved some money which is nice but I want to keep at it!


Well, by the time you read this I will in Europe so I will say that I have achieved this.


Well, I was supposed to go and watch The Vamps but they postponed and eventually CANCELLED their tour here so shoutout to them for not allowing me to achieve this one.

Well, I achieved some and I didn’t achieve others but here are my goals for this year which I plan on working hard to achieve.

Be Organised

This was a goal from last year but there is so much that I still want to do in terms of work, blogging and home that I want to make it a goal again so that I can work even harder.

Get fit

Yes, I am aware that this was also a goal last year but I failed at it last year so this year I want to actually do it! I can’t fail two years in a row!

Plan Ahead

I need to start planning ahead with blog posts as well as with work things. In my life I go through stages when I have things completed weeks before and other times when I am doing things at the last minute. I want to plan ahead more to avoid stress.

Save Money

This is pretty much going to be one of my goals every year. I want to spend more time travelling and you need money for that. Now, I don’t actually spend money all that often but I do want to put money into a special fund.

Use Technology Less

I am online far too much. Now I could use the excuse that I am a blogger and I need to be connected but the truth is that is just what it would be; an excuse. I do not have to be online and connected all the time and I need to learn to just take a timeout.

In 2018 I hope that I can achieve these goals as well as a whole lot more! I also wrote about my blog goals which you can read here.

Do you have any goals or things that you want to achieve in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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