Social Media is Making Us Lazy

Social media , what a wonderful thing. I have written so many posts about it and I will probably still write a whole lot more. I love social media because I can see what my friends are up to. If they’ve moved somewhere else, I can see what their new life is like. I can see if they’re enjoying their new job. Because of social media I can see all of the updates in my friends lives at the touch of a button.

Yes, that is all great, and wonderful, but do you see the problem with it? Instead of me phoning my friend, or inviting them over for coffee, I am looking at their feed and getting all of the information without actually having to make an effort. I feel like I am a part of their life even though I make no attempt to actually see them.

Social media has made people believe that commenting on someone’s picture once in a blue moon makes you friends. But that does not a friend make. It gives us a false sense of friendship.

Obviously there are exceptions to this. If you have friends that live overseas then social media is a great way to stay in contact. But if your friend lives a few minutes away from you then why are you scrolling through their page to see if they got that promotion? Why don’t you pick up the phone and ask them? Or make plans to see them?

Social media has also become the place where a lot of people find out about important news. Some people share their big news on social media before they actually even tell those closest to them. Of course you can tell people your news how and when you want to, it is your news after all, but social media has just made things so much easier. Instead of messaging 20 different people, you can just tell social media and they will make sure that everyone else finds out.

I don’t know about you, but when I find out big news from a friend via social media I always wonder why they felt they couldn’t tell me in person, or even via text. Maybe it’s because I like to think that I am a bit more important to them than that person they haven’t spoken to for 10 years, but I don’t know.

Don’t get me wrong, it definitely has its place. I like seeing all of the achievements of former friends. Of people who chose to leave my life for some or other reason. I wouldn’t know about these things otherwise but thanks to social media I do.

Obviously I will continue to use social media. But this week I took a day where I had no social media at all. Not one thing. And it was actually really good. At first I was worried about missing out on something important but after I got over it, it was wonderful. I loved not having to check my phone every few minutes to see what was going on. I definitely think that I need more days like that one.

So there you have my little ramble. I hope that it has given you something to think about and, as always, you don’t have to agree with me. This is, after all, my opinion.

What are your thoughts on this? How much time do you spend on social media a day? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x



  1. July 20, 2017 / 15:48

    You bring up some great points- I feel like people have less quality social interactions over Facebook. Call your friend instead of sending a message!

    • Kirsty Hoggons
      August 4, 2017 / 23:12

      I completely agree!

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