Spring Bucket List (2017)

It is with a very sad heart that I have to say that Winter is almost over. I love Autumn and Winter and seeing the sun coming out earlier in the mornings is not making me happy. However, for a change, I have decided to try and embrace the warmer weather. I know. I cannot believe it myself. So I have decided to come up with a list of things that I want to achieve in the next 3 months, during Spring. Some of these will be quick and easy and some of these will be more difficult to achieve, but I want to try and enjoy Spring so here goes.

  • Bake cupcakes
  • Do a Spring inspired photo shoot for my blog
  • Drink 5 different kinds of tea (I have tea that I REALLY need to try!)
  • Eat better
  • Finish at least one page in my colouring book (it is a process)
  • Knit (I have been making a scarf for 2 years and I really need to get a move on!)
  • Read, read, read
  • Start exercising again –  I need to get my butt into gear
  • Try 5 new recipes because I always make the same things
  • Wear sandals (this is a big one for me)

Those are some of the things that I plan on doing during Spring. I feel as though writing a blog post on these will also make me more determined to actually do them. Would you like me to do an updated post at the end of Spring with pictures of everything that I did?

What is on your bucket list for Spring (or Autumn if you’re one of those lucky people)? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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