Things I Have Achieved in the Past Year

Short Term Goals-min

On my old blog I wrote a post about short term goals that I wanted to achieve while I was 25. Seeing as my birthday is just over a week away I have decided to share which of them I actually achieved!

These are the things that I wanted to do, as well as how successful I was:

1. Travel

I really wanted to go to England and I am going this year (FINALLY!) but I won’t be 25 so it doesn’t exactly count. I don’t actually know if I left the city last year… Did I?!

2. Job

I wanted to find a steady job; and I did! Not only did I do that but it is a pretty amazing job and somewhere where I am very happy which is a huge bonus!

3. Cook More

Well I have cooked more this year so that is a good thing but I can honestly do so much more in the way of that! I have so many Pinterest boards full of recipes that I need to try!

4. Be By Myself

So I haven’t taken myself out for coffee like I wanted to do but I have been ordering more things for myself and gone shopping a lot more by myself which is a huge deal for me! It still makes me anxious but I am working with baby steps and every little bit helps.

5. Change It Up

I wanted to make more of an effort with my hair, makeup and clothing when I go out. I have definitely done this as I now wear makeup every day for work and also dress a lot more like an adult which I am pretty proud of. Also, I threw out a bunch of clothing that I didn’t feel was age appropriate anymore.

So I managed to achieve a few of my goals and I am still working on the others which I think is perfectly fine. I am happy with what I did achieve at least!

Do you have any short term goals? Have you achieved any of your short term goals lately? Let me know in the comments below!





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