Top 5: Current Drugstore Makeup Obsessions

I have a really terrible habit of using the same makeup products every single day. I find a product that I love and I use it for ages and then I discover something new and wear that every day…and so the cycle continues. This also results in my makeup looking the same pretty much every day! So today I decided to share the 5 drugstore makeup products that I just can’t stop wearing!

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick

Shade: 370 In A Rosegarden

This colour is gorgeous. It has a lot of pigment and is a nudey/pinky colour. Do not let the picture on the website fool you. It looks nothing like that! It is definitely not that pink! This lipstick stays on for a while but I would say that you do need to reapply if you are eating or drinking. The formula is creamy and it glides into your lips really well.

Essence Blossom Dreams Blush

Shade: 01 Call Me Coral

My granny’s name was Coral so this blush definitely holds a special place in my heart. It is also an incredible product! As a blush this product doesn’t really give you too much colour. It comes out as more of a peach colour and is very subtle. However, this product is full of sparkle! The first time I wore this product someone commented on my highlighter…except I wasn’t wearing any. I was only wearing this! Because it has so much shimmer I would say that it would work as a highlighter as well – provided you don’t want a blinding one! It stays on really well and is a gorgeous colour! Apparently there is another blush in this range but it wasn’t there when I bought this one.

Essence I Heart Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

Shade: N/A

I love mascara and I am very critical of them. I want a mascara that does everything and this one comes about as close as I think you will get. It is proper black and it does not smudge. It lengthens your lashes and also thickens them. It is, however, a very wet mascara so be careful when you apply it as it can become TOO clumpy if you put too much on. I normally go through my lashes with another clean brush to separate them a bit more as that is how I prefer them. The formula of this mascara is just amazing! Also, this mascara has a plastic brush (just in case you have a preference).

Looking back I wish I had cleaned off this palette a bit more before I took this photo haha!

NYX Dream Catcher Palette

Shade: Dusk Til Dawn

I have raved about this palette on so many occasions and I don’t think that it will stop any time soon. This palette has a good mixture of dark and light shades. Obviously there is a theme to the palette but the shades all work nicely together. The shades have a creamy-ish texture and are so easy to apply. The pigment is really good as well. The shades have a little bit of fall out but you can’t have it all! I used this palette almost every day for a month while I was overseas on holiday and the shadows are still really full (well…for the most part). There are other shades for this palette as well.

Full Dream Catcher Palette review

January Favourites feat. the Dream Catcher Palette

Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation

Shade: Soft Ivory

I think that this is the 3rd lightest foundation (because I am pale af) but there are 20 shades in total. This foundation stays on well throughout the day and also eliminates photo flashback. I can’t honestly say that I have tested this because unfortunately the powder that I use attracts the flash so if I take photos and I’m not in natural light I look like a ghost. However this product applies really nicely and gives you a natural look. It is also buildable if you are looking for a bit more coverage.

What drugstore makeup products are you loving at the moment? Have you used any of these before? Also, any recommendations for a good drugstore powder with no flashback? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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