Uncommon Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is in exactly one week and, if you still haven’t figured out what you’re going to do then maybe one of these ideas will help. Now I know that there are the more common Valentine’s Day date ideas but I thought that I would focus more on some that are maybe a little out there. Things that you might not necessarily think about at first.

Eat Sweets

Buy a selection of sweets and chocolates that you haven’t tried before and try them together. Or each buy a selection for each other. You can even blind fold each other and make the other person guess what they’re eating.

Ghost Tour

If there are any ghost tours in your area then GO! I love these. They are such fun. Also, if these things make you a bit nervous at least you’ll have someone to hold your hand!

Have a Staggered Dinner

Have starter, dinner and dessert at 3 different restaurants. You can even add in after dinner drinks somewhere. Not only can you try a few different places but you can also prolong the evening 😉

Hot Air Ballooning

This honestly seems like such a fun date idea. You can see the city from a whole different angle and you can even make sure you have dinner and drinks in the balloon with you, or as a treat for after.

Plan a foreign menu

If you or your significant other have a place that holds special meaning to you – or just somewhere where you loved the food then recreate it. Choose food from a specific place and pretend you’re somewhere exotic.

Recreate Your First Date

Well this one is straight forward enough. Recreate your first date – or your first Valentine’s Day. It will remind you of how far you have come and it could be a lot of fun to recreate the past a little bit.

Rent your dream car

If you or your significant other has a dream car then see if you can rent one. Perhaps you could take it away for the weekend, or even just get it for the night.

Take a Dance Class

I LOVE dancing! This is such a fun way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Not only are you learning a skill but it is fun and something different.

Themed Dinner and a Movie

I know that I said these would be “uncommon” and this one is – trust me! Choose a movie to watch and then theme the food, decor, and outfits around that. It just makes things a little bit more interesting.

Volunteer Together

Spend some time helping people who might not be as fortunate as you are. Or even go to your local animal shelter and ask if you can walk the dogs, or spend some time with the animals.

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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Do you have any Valentine’s Day plans? Do you think that you might like one of these ideas? Let me know in the comments below!


Kirsty x


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